Focus on business.
Let our Copilot handle data, end-to-end.

Presight is the world's first business Copilot purposely built for business teams.

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A complete and different analytics experience
your team will use and love.

Answer complex business questions

From Customer understanding to Commerce performance - what previously took many teams months and countless meetings to hopefully answer, now done in an instant.

Plan for what's next

Create annual plans and set KPIs down to each individual level - in minutes, not months. Continuously input and adjust directly on the app - just like Excel.

Manage KPIs and ownership

Know progress instantly, everywhere, at all times.
When things stray, know the root-cause in clicks and act quickly together.

Deliver outcomes

Understand customers deeply. Sell the right products to the right segments through the right channels. Improve sales and bottom line. Rinse and repeat.

Built to make teams succeed.

From forming questions to delivering results,
we support teams at every stage and in every role.



Focus on critical financial strategy decisions and analytics instead of wrangling and consolidating data and reports.



Focus on strategic sales planning, client engagement, and revenue generation instead of slogging through data and report consolidation.



Focus on customer understanding, marketing strategy, campaign execution, and ROI instead of scouring through hundreds of dashboards for answers.



Focus on building team and culture, instead of maintaining hiring budget plans and juggling KPIs sheets.



Focus on product innovation, efficient development cycles, and market reach instead of grappling with the complexities of data and dashboards.

Let's create data-driven
teams and results, today.

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